Who We Are

Our Mission

The Surviving Project is dedicated to introducing support and encouraging personal growth through education, counseling, experience, and self expression.  Our primary goal is to stop the cycles of stress, depression, and suicide with activities and assistance that give all clients the chance to succeed.  By creating hope and opportunity, our project is committed to becoming and staying a valuable resource. 

Who We Are

The Surviving Project is a family project headed by Leslie Beery to assist those in need of grief support after a loss by suicide.  We also advocate for suicide prevention, assessments, intervention, mental health services, responsible media reporting, and positive reinforcement for healthy lives.  When someone loses a loved one, by suicide or not, grief takes over and things change.  Our goal is to be a resource, a support, a comfort, and a constant.  We provide an on going support, not just one time, we are there until the bereaved person is comfortable going forward.  Every situation is unique and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.  For some, recovery after bereavement takes 18 to 24 months, but for others, the grieving process may be longer or shorter. We do not pressure the bereaved to move on or make them feel like they’ve been grieving too long or not long enough. This can actually slow their healing or complicate their survival going forward.

What we do:

Send comfort packages

Regular contact with bereaved to check in and provide support

Assist with getting things organized for the bereaved

Provide a safe place to talk without judgement

Sit in silence and just be there if needed

In the Northeastern Colorado area we provide onsite visits (sit with bereaved, go on walks, help with paperwork, etc…)

In the Northeastern Colorado area we provide assistance with daily tasks if needed (grocery shop, etc…)

In the Northestern Colorado area we can drive them where they need to go and go to support groups with them if needed


What we do NOT do:

We are not licensed counselors or doctors of any kind

We do not support destructive behaviors while grieving

We do not harass or contact people that do not want our support

We do not tell bereaved persons to hurry through their grief

We do not have all the answers all the time


 We Blog and invite Guest Bloggers

Any blog post remains property of the author but will remain posted on this site after the blogger leaves.  We reserve the right to include all posts submitted to our site by guest bloggers, fellow survivors, outside parties, etc.. for the life of this website.  Blogging is similar to journaling and can be healing as well as helpful to other survivors to read.  It is a two way validation of our feelings through this journey.  All opinions and personal information belong to the blogger.  The Surviving Project does not take sides and instead offers a landing place for everyone in grief from a loss by suicide. Blame and guilt are two of the most intense things we are left with after the suicide.   Please do not let them control you.  The anger that breeds from both blame and guilt will destroy anything good inside of you.  I want you all to progress with any form, or small amount of healing that you can. Working through our anger, blame, and guilt is a huge part of this.  We need positive outlets, positive methods, positive thoughts, and most importantly positive actions. Remember we are examples to those younger and older, and we are the living legacies of our lost loved ones. ♥


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